B  U  S  I  N  E  S  S      C  R  E  D  I  T      E  S  T  A  B  L  I  S  H  M  E  N  T

Agape' Business Credit Establishment Program

"Empowering Businesses To Reach Their Next Level of Greatness!"

Benefits of Business Credit:
Obtain Corporate credit cards for your company or ministry
Build Your Business Credit Rating
Shorten the length of time to build credit
Give your company the ability to purchase with
"no personal guaranty"
Peace of mind knowing your personal assets are protected from business lawsuits & judgments
A poor personal credit rating will not stop you from establishing an excellent business credit profile!

What is commercial credit?

Even more important to you, as a business owner, is commercial credit.  Commercial Credit is the lifeline of your business!  It is a critical factor in obtaining funding for expansion, inventory, staffing, equipment, as well as cash-flow.  Commercial Credit also allows you to use the cash that you have on hand to cover other expenses - It provides you with the liquidity that allows you to respond to time sensitive decisions without halting or compromising operations.

Why is commercial credit important to me?

Do you know that 90% of businesses fail within the first two years due to lack of funding and availability to financing?  Many small businesses are able to use cash for their purchases when they are first starting.  At some point, most businesses need to secure additional financing to further expand or to stay afloat during lean economic times.  You could take out a line of credit or loan based on your personal credit...Or you can take out a line of credit based on your business credit!

When using personal credit to secure a loan or line of credit, there will be inquiries into your personal credit to secure the loan. these inquiries can affect you adversely and drop your personal score if you have more than two inquiries into your personal credit within six months.  And more importantly... you are personally guaranteeing the debt! Should this business fail, you will be obligated to repay the loan and your personal credit will be adversely impacted if you miss one payment! When securing a loan or line of credit based on your Business Credit, you are not affected personally by the number of times your business credit report is checked, and the business alone is responsible for repaying the debt!

How can my company obtain perfect business credit within a short amount of time?

Agape' Credit's Business Credit Establishment Program is your solution!  While your company is busy generating income, Agape' Credit Solutions will be busy establishing your company's business credit profile!  You will have the peace of mind knowing that all of your financial documentation and filings have been processed thoroughly.  Throughout the credit builder process, your company will secure many new credit accounts and major credit lines. Allow Agape's knowledge and professional insight lead your company up the ladder of success and prosperity!

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Common Mistakes When Building Business Credit

These are the top mistakes most business owners make when attempting to establish Business Credit:

  • Using their personal credit to finance their business
  • Using or signing a personal guaranty
  • Applying for loans without first establishing payment history and a business credit score
  • Not incorporating their business
  • Not being in compliance with the credit bureaus requirements
  • Getting "red-flagged" by the business credit bureaus
  • Believing they can repair their business credit
  • Not realizing there are "no federal laws" protecting business owners form the business credit bureaus
  • Believing they already have great business credit just because they have a business credit card
  • Working with vendors who only report negative payment history
  • Thinking they cannot get business credit because they have poor personal credit
  • Spending years trying to build business credit without a business credit expert's help
  • Ruining their personal credit score trying to establish a business credit profile
  • Not being prepared when they are having trouble in their business instead of before they need it
  • Not taking action TODAY to establish and build their business credit

​Agape' s Business Credit Establishment Program is here to help you avoid these mistakes!
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