E  X  P  E  R  T      C  R  E  D  I  T      R  E  S  T  O  R  A  T  I  O  N

B  U  S  I  N  E  S  S      C  R  E  D  I  T      E  S  T  A  B  L  I  S  H  M  E  N  T

Platinum Package:



Agape' Credit Restoration Packages...

Help you understand your credit and restore it to NEW!

*All payment plans require automatic payment via bank account or debit/ credit card.

***If any payment is missed, all derogatory information will be added back to your credit files!***

$1250.00 (Full Payment) –or- Payments of $500.00 down & 200.00 per month for next 5 months*

  • 1 Credit Bureau Scrub
  • 2 Creditor Scrubs
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Consulting
  • Credit Building
  • Rapid Re-Aging

$2250.00 (Full Payment) -or- Payments of $1000.00 down & 300.00 per month for next 5 months*

  • 3 Credit Bureau Scrubs
  • Unlimited Creditor Scrubs
  • Debt Settlement
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Consultation
  • Credit Building & Rapid Re-Aging

$1750 (Full Payment) –or- Payments of $750.00 down & 250.00 per month for next 5 months*

  • 2 Credit Bureau Scrubs
  • Unlimited Creditor Scrubs
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Consulting
  • Credit Building
  • Rapid Re-Aging



Process & Procedures

Payment in full is suggested to avoid gaps and delays in service.

For your convenience, Agape' accepts credit and debit cards :)

Phase One

  • Initial payment due. (Full amount or initial payment due)
  • Signed limited power of attorney
  • Copy of driver’s license or state identification
  • Copy of current utility or phone bill
  • Copy of social security card
  • Signed credit restoration service agreement
  • Completed credit restoration application
  • Sign-up for credit monitoring with – 16.95 per month (Required)

Affordable Payment Plans are available!

We will conduct a teleconference or face-to-face consultation three business days following the receipt of all of the above information. Agape’ will prepare your three credit disputes to Equifax, Experian and Transunion and transmit them to all 7 credit bureaus on your behalf. And we will issue you a log-in and password for the web-site where you will be able to keep abreast of the updates and progress of your credit scrubs!

Phase Two

  • You will also receive investigation results from the bureaus within 20-30 days!.
  • Please return results from credit bureaus to Agape’ ASAP via fax at (888) 494-2365, e-mail, in person or via mail.

The credit bureaus will send you a list of corrections (investigation results) and possibly a new credit report. Sometimes you may only receive the investigation results. Once you receive all of the credit bureau investigation results and credit reports (it usually takes 20-30 days), please fax or e- mail them to us immediately, as not to delay your credit restoration process. After we have received the information, Agape’ will begin the "credit buiding process" by consulting with you to help you to obtain some “new” credit. We will advise you as to what to apply for…as we will only suggest items that we feel that you can obtain.  If you are taking advantage of the Gold Level Program, your next round of dispute letters will go out and your unlimited “Creditor/ Vendor Scrubs” will be mailed out at this point. You will receive correspondence back from the creditors in 20-30 days.

Phase Three

15-20 days after the second round of credit scrubs are sent to the bureaus, you will receive another round of investigation results. Please contact Agape’ as soon as you have received your new information from all three credit bureaus. If necessitated, Agape’ will schedule an additional teleconference or face-to-face consultation.

For those of you taking advantage of the Platinum Program, we will begin to send correspondence to the remaining debtors on your credit report so that we can settle your debts for pennies on the dollar! This process will add another 20-30 days to your process. But it will be well worth it. Please make sure that you have the settlement payments saved and ready to go. As the settlement is our tool of leverage. After we settle the debt(s), we will go in once again to the credit bureaus and send the final dispute letter.

At this point in time, Agape will have you to check your credit scores on, to see where your scores are. It is possible that the majority of your derogatory information has been scrubbed away. Your credit scores will have risen 50-100 points! And you are finally at your next level of greatness!

​Agape' is your solution!

The Power of Perfect Credit

Have you ever heard of a credit program that can boost your scores in 30-45 days? Well you have now! Does your credit score need a boost? Do you even have a credit score? Just recently filed bankruptcy? Are you in the market to purchase a new home in the next 30 days? Are you in need of a new(er) vehicle? Are you looking for a new job? Need lower insurance rates? Well if the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you need to contact Agape’ today! There is no better time than the present to get started! Getting started today will increase your credit scores right away!

Since 2005, Agape’ Credit Solutions has had and maintains a proven track record of helping our clients reach their next levels of greatness by improving their credit scores so that they can get that new house, new car, cheaper insurance and lower interest rates. Agape’ Credit Solutions has the ONLY PROVEN CREDIT FORMULA in the country that controls the credit score and gets you the highest possible increase in the least amount of time! Our program is GUARANTEED or your money back! We work with you to achieve Personal Credit Restoration Success of 50-100 point increase in 30-60 days!

Getting your credit restored is one of the BEST investments that you can make because it may cost you a little something up-front…but it is the gift that keeps on giving! How…? By having higher credit scores, you keep more money in your pocket every month by paying less money for interest rates. Whether it be for a car, a house, a loan, or on credit cards… A higher credit score guarantees that you will get approved for what you apply for and pay lower interest rates!

Please take a moment to read over the Process & Procedures page. This will help you understand the step by step plan to give you a bright financial future.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and the confidence you have placed in us and look forward to starting your program today!

Agape’ offers three different credit restoration packages to suit any financial situation.
For package description and pricing information please see page 3.