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Credit Repair Reviews

  • Many many thanks to Kimberly Washington Josey and here credit restoration team for not only assisting me with my credit issues...but also providing the services to remove items from the credit reports that I had been personally disputing for years. Although there is no guarantee that repossessions can be removed, I am thankful that Kimberly removed them from my credit report. I strongly recommend Kimberly and the Agape' Credit Restoration team to those do-it-yourself customers, such as myself.  I do not know what she did differently...but it works! I am truly thankful!
Pastor A. Tucker - Montgomery, Alabama

  • Hi...I'm Denise! I remember when I was at a loss with my quest to find a good, loyal, speedy, helpful and knowledgeable tax of God. So I was blessed to be introduced to Kimberly Washington Josey. Since this business relationship started, I can tell you that it has changed my life! Through the course of business, Kimberly suggested Agape's Credit Restoration Program. Well let me say this, before the credit restoration program, I had never been approved for any type of major credit lines.  After I completed the program, I went to CHASE bank just to see if the program worked, I applied for a loan and they approved me for $150,000.00 dollars! Wow!!! That figure was staggering! I must say that I am in good hands with Kimberly Washington Josey. I come to her for ALL of my financial needs.

Denise Mc Curtis - Roseville, MI

  • ​Agape' has been a blessing to me! They helped me to re-establish my credit.  I went from the low 500"s to the mid 600's.  I recommend Agape' to anyone who wants to be in a constant move forward.​​

Nancy N. - Pontiac, MI

  • Wow! It has been 10 years since we have doing business with Kimberly.  Every year, it gets better and better! Her INTEGRITY, professionalism, HONESTY and character create an environment that causes one to feel comfortable and eager to do business with Agape'. Business is a pleasure. We look forward to our experiences every year. She truly exuberates the love of God!

J & F Haygood -  St. Augustine, FL​

  • I am a client of Agape' Credit Solutions, as well as Agape' Accounting Solutions. I have been very satisfied with the professional and friendly service that I receive.  I would highly recommend Agape' to anyone in need of credit restoration services to give them a call ASAP!

F. Scott- Westland, MI​

  • From bankruptcy and a 532 credit score to a 688 credit score and a $20,000.00 line of credit....Kimberly's wisdom and guidance have helped me, my family and companies to reach levels that I didn't think were possible.  Her encouragement and ingenuity have been a lifeline! I highly recommend Agape' Credit Solutions to any person or business that is trying to excel to higher heights. I have been conducting business with Agape' for over 12 years now and couldn't imagine doing business elsewhere.

D. Taylor- Pontiac, MI

  • Credit knowledge is good, but there is a vast difference between knowledge (having the facts) and wisdom (applying those facts to life).  We may amass knowledge, but without wisdom, our knowledge is useless.  We must learn to live out what we know. Agape' Credit Solutions is providing that WISDOM.  Kimberly is  a wise business woman and she provides profound advice for our lives. My credit score went form a 582 to a 674! Thanks!

Tonja T. - Milwaukee, WI

  • I met Kimberly Josey, in 2006 at a Spiritual Solutions to Financial Freedom Seminar in Pennsylvania.  She was the presenter for Personal and Business Credit.  She really presented the information in a way that even a child could understand it.  I really liked the way that she applied biblical principles to her presentation and how real she was.  After her presentations, she met with people one-on-one to discuss their credit concerns. I signed up for the program right away without any hesitation.  Within 4 credit score increased from a 576 to over 700. Even now, I still call her to get expert advice before I make any decisions regarding my credit. Agape' is definitely a name that you can trust!

Vonda T. - Pittsburgh, PA​

  • I am soooo grateful to Mrs. Kimberly Josey for restoring my credit! I had things on my credit report from companies that were operating unethically. I had been fighting for years to have those items removed. However; Mrs. Josey and the Agape' Credit Restoration team had it ALL WIPED OUT in an extremely timely manner.  She is very professional, personable and encouraging at the same time! I recommend Agape' to everyone! What Kimberly Josey and Agape' have done for me is far above and beyond what I ever could have imagined! Thank you again Mrs. Josey and the Agape' team! Blessings to you!

Janis R. - Chicago, IL​​